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 In this class dancers will combine classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. Dancers will develop technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, self-discipline and confidence. Students will also learn acrobatic skills which include basic tumbling. Pre-Acro and Acro Level 1 are beginning classes, Acro Level 2 is an adv beginner/intermediate level, Acro Level 3 is an Intermediate level, and Acro Level 4 is an Adv Intermediate/Advance. Please note you are require to have a back walkover to be placed in Level 3.

Pre-Acro- Ages 3-5  |  Level 1- Ages 5-8  |  Level 2 - Ages 7-11 | Level 3- Ages 9 - 13 | Level 4 - Ages 10 +


A true favorite, if you like rhythm, sound and moving fast, you’ll love clogging! It’s a very energetic form of dance.. This is a 45 minute and will perform one routine in our annual dance recital

Ages 7 +

Dancing Divas and Dudes

 Our dancing divas and dudes class is a great introduction to dance! Students learn dance positions, how to count music, as well as basic dance skills. Perfect creative moment class for younger and first time dancers. This class pairs great with our pre-acro class!

Ages- 3-4

Hip Hop

This class is a power packed and high energy class with all the latest dance moves! Dancers will learn how to move their bodies is a variety of styles including isolations, popping, locking, shuffling and break dance moves.

Level 1- Ages 5-7  |  Level 2- Ages 8-10  |  Level 3- Ages 11+

Leaps and Turns

This class is our offered technique class. Students will learn many different popular leaps and turns, while strengthening their basic skills and focusing on perfecting technique outside of a traditional ballet class. Perfect for dancers with aspirations of dancing competitively. This is a technique only class. Dancers in this class will not perform in the recital or purchase a costume.

Level 1- Ages 6-9   |  Level 2 - Ages 10 +


Jazz/Lyrical combo

In class students will learn fun, sassy jazz numbers and technique with energetic music, followed by a more slower ballet technique inspired lyrical style of dance. Students will learn how to listen to the lyrics of the music and interpret dance through their movements and expressions.

Level 1 - Ages 6-9   |  Level 2 - Ages 10 +

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

PBT is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. One of the important elements used in the PBT method is muscle memory which helps to improve students' understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment. 

Level 1 - Ages 6-9 | Level 2 - Ages 10 +


Strength and Conditioning

This class focuses on core strength development through low- impact exercise, designed to tone up your dance body! Incorporates the use of exercise bands, stretching, and across the floor work. This is a technique only class. Dancers in this class will not perform in the recital or purchase a costume

Ages 6+


Tap/Ballet Combo

Dancers will focus on learning traditional ballet technique both at the barre and across the floor, and learn rhythm, tap skills, and fun combinations. Ballet and Tap are offer as a combo class however, a student can take one or the other if desired.

Level 1- Ages 5-6   |  Level 2 - Ages 7-10  |   Level 3- Ages 8-12   |  Level 4- Ages 12+

Tap/Ballet/Jazz Combo

Dancers will focus on strengthening their beginning ballet and tap technique. and be introduced to the fun upbeat style of jazz! We recommend dancers have one year previous experience in tap/ballet classes before TBJ combo. This is a 75 min class, that will perform each style in the annual recital.

Ages 6-8

Tiny Tots

This is an introductory class for those tiny tots who are just starting their dancing careers! We focus on motor development, rhythm and following directions. Incorporates beginner dance steps with activities, interactive music and play! One parent is welcome to join until your dancer feel comfortable in class.

Ages 2-3

Need help picking the right classes/levels for your dancer? Send us a message about the age of your dancer and experiences and we'll recommend the best suitable class for them!

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