Our class prices are based off the length of each class we offer. Tuition is due the 1st of every month throughout the season (September-May) Any multi-class and or sibling discounts will be automatically applied to your monthly tuition. Monthly tuition rates are not affected by holidays; tuition is based on the number of classes for the year. If you would like to be registered in a tap or ballet only class please email us after you register with stating to op. out of the combo class.

30 Min.Class


45 Min.Class



60 Min.Class


75 Min.Class

One time registration fee per season: $20 student/ $35 per family


Costume Fee

Taking multiple classes can save you $ with our multi-class discounts. Discounts percentages are taken off the full amount of your tuition cost when you register.

2 classes - 8% off

3 classes - 12% off

4 classes - 20% off

5 classes - 27% off

6 classes - 32% off

Sibling discount: 5% for 2nd child, 10% for 3rd child, 15% for 4th child.

Don't want to do that math? Don't worry our online registration system will do it for you! Our program will calculate your monthly tuition before you click register.


Each class will receive one costume for the end of year recital. Costs are: Ages 3 – 10:  $65 per costume,  Ages 11 and up or adult sizes: $75 per costume. Please note some classes are technique only classes and will not participate in the recital and do not require a costume.


Costume fees are nonrefundable after December 15th.

Total costume fees will be added up and divided into two monthly payments due in October and November. All costume fees must be paid by December 15, or no costume will be order for that dancer.